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Screenshots of HTC Sense 5 Reveal Cleaner Surface

HTC is back in the spotlight again. 2013 seems to be a promising year for this Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer who saw a moderately successful 2012. The mobile giant has come out with many plans for the launch of forthcoming phones this New Year. Taking about phones the HTC Sense 4+ did quite well and now it is time for its younger sibling to enter the market.


The next version of the HTC Sense promises to be better than its predecessor. Leaked images released reveal this device will sport a cleaner surface than its predecessor. From the pictures posted it is evident HTC wanted users to have an experience that is simple and free from hassles. The screenshots on the internet reveal a clean Android smartphone embedded with the “Holo” signature Android look. The cue has been taken from the about to be launched HTC M7 and the company wishes to present its mobile fans a user experience better and improved.

If you make comparisons between the new and old phone you will find there is a big change behind the ring system of the signature Sense UI lockscreen. In the older version users required to pull the ring out and place it over specific icons for the phone to perform certain tasks like activating the camera or screen unlocking. There are rumors making the rounds that this UI will debut alongside with the HTC M7.

The HTC M7 is all set to become the first device to boost the 1080p display resolution on a screen that is 4.7 inches. The device will be boosted with a pixel density of 468 ppi making it more by 40% over the one available from the recently launched iphone 5.

If you are willing to check out other salient features of this upcoming phone you will find it boosts of a 1.7 GHz quad core Snapdragon processor along with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. Users will also be endowed with a LTE chip and a camera that is a 13MP one. There is scope for 1080p recording and an f/2.0 aperture. The device also sports a front facing 2MP camera with a 1080p video. If you wish to check out the audios of this widely anticipated phone you will discover it has a unique amplifier that has been designed with Beats alongside stereo speakers. It is all set to support the next generation technology of W—Fi standard of 802.11 ac. This has about thrice the number in networks available today.

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