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Rumor of release time for HTC One 2 or HTC M8

Recently we have heard that HTC One 2 or HTC M8 will be released in this season. According to the news it has come that HTC One 2 or HTC M8 may have released online in the form of a design used by equipment manufactures, will come in to the market in first of January, while expenses are being introduced against HTC developers who may have leaked company tricks to opponents.


Though the Taiwanese developers have not finally announced about the release time but the rumors have already heard that the two leading handset HTC One 2 which is named by HTC M8 will be released early in this month. From U.K judge statement this flagship handset will be released for February or March in 2014. The HTC One 2 or M8 supposedly seems to be as a wax style in a couple of pictures launched on the China micro blogging website Weibo. If the pictures are truly to-scale editions of the HTC One 2 or M8, they display a whole body style incredibly just like the unique with a bigger display — likely around 5 inches wide, up from the 4.7-inch display on the HTC One.

According to the rumors users will get an 5-inch display with full HD from this HTC One 2 handset. 2.3 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB RAM will be included in this device. Most probably this Smartphone will be launched with Android Kitkat 4.4 update. In February or March 2014 users will be able to purchase this handset. After seeing the features of the HTC One 2 handset it is obvious that this device will be some different hardware.

The supposedly released HTC One 2 mockups do not function the finger marks scanning device discovered, and sometimes belittled, on the HTC One Max. The HTC One 2 looks like it could choose up the dual-LED display, like what is discovered on the iPhone 5S. According to the Apple Company’s statement the pairing of amber and white-colored LEDs allows for more organic shade balance in images using display.

HTC One 2 probably released in Spain’s capital Barcelona. Mobile World Congress has been deciding that this handset will be released in 24th February in Barcelona. In accordance with the period of time described by a U.K. judge in HTC fight with Nokia this flagship handset will be launched in mentioned date. Though it is not a legal or final announcement but this is true that after see this rumor the HTC lovers are thoroughly waiting for the release date.

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