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Rumor HTC One Two aka HTC M8 will revealed with Separate Camera Lens

Before release HTC One we have seen that HTC have faced a tough situation. It was really a challenging period for HTC Company before launched their HTC One handset. But still it did not beat the Samsung and Apple market. Recently Taiwanese developers get 3-4 percent share in the mobile market and placed them in sixth position in all over the world. To get their glory HTC is trying to moderate their handset and that’s why they are going to release the next handset HTC One Two which can also revealed with the name of HTC M8. According to the news mostly this handset will come March in 2014. The rumors have come that users can get separate camera lenses from this upcoming HTC handset. These separate lenses can help them to take the photographs in high or low light.



From the Taiwan expert statement it has come to know that the functions of HTC One Two or HTC M8 will be quite identical specifications forerunner with some extra features, like from this handset consumer can get a switchable lenses which will help them to click the picture with any lights and it will also included finger scanner with this lenses. As we can see that HTC has already include a fingerprint tool in their HTC One Max handset and in other devices like Apple, iPhone 5S have also this technology.

From the early news we knew that HTC One Two will come with 4.9-inch screen display with chip Qualcomm Snapdragon. According to the recent updates we are guessing that this flagship handset can support 1080pixel camera and this resolution can be increased up to 2K in future. Though still we do not know about the RAM of HTC One Two handset, because there have no rumors or news have disclosed from where we can get to know about the RAM of this upcoming handset. We are hoping that HTC One Two device will provide at least 3GB RAM. Lastly we have seen that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has came with 3GB RAM it was blast the mobile market. After launching Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with 3GB RAM Samsung has reached the top level of the marketing. With regards to application, HTC One heir is predicted to run Android operating system 4.4 KitKat with the newest Senses 6.0 UI out of the box.

So according to the rumors HTC One Two or HTC M8 might be launched in March 2014 and make a blow in the mobile market.

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