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Report says HTC One X has an edge over Apple iPhone 5 in customer’s choice

HTC has been gifting one after one android phones – may be a completely new one or upgrading something existing, but the Taiwan based mobile manufacturing giant is quite satisfied by the result of this survey, conducted by investigation company Ondevice which says HTC One X has an edge over Apple iPhone5 in preference among the users in UK.


HTC has already released upgraded version of One X – One X+ and most recently the One by upgrading in clever by positive and innovative way. HTC One X was named as one of most sought after Android OS phones in 2012 in spite of the release of similar high end phones by other players – Samsung Galaxy S 3 and Apple iPhone 5. The survey by Ondevice interrogated 0.32 million people worldwide. As a whole, Apple iPhone 5 comes out as more preferable but in UK, HTC One X scored better than iPhone 5. According to Ondevice, HTC One X scored 8.47 beating Apple iPhone 5 with score 8.21. The survey also says that in United States, Apple iPhone 5 has dipped to fifth position with HTC One X at the top. Here Motorola unexpectedly comes at number two followed by HTC Rezound 4G and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in third and fourth place respectively.

Ondevice opined that Apple’s straight slip to fifth position may be attributed by 4G effect. The investigation agency claimed that the report reveals the effect of 4G as the users generally want 4G in their devices, so the device which does not provide that facility are bound to be less south after than those with that facility. Users’ preference for 4G is also clear – users with 4G membership have shown more degree of pleasure  with score 7.76 than those without 4G membership with score 7.28. While in UK, with only one 4G multilevel operator named EE, iPhone 5 is usually low in demand due to specifications of customer’s satisfaction. HTC One X is normally compared to Samsung Galaxy S3 being the flagship devices from eith of the manufactures.

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