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Releasing HTC Desire 816 in Europe

Release of HTC Desire has created a certain buzz in various parts of Europe. It is releasing in some parts of Europe now. It may be launched soon on other parts of the European countries. HTC Desire 816 is available in countries like Romania. It is priced about 1,299 RON which is equivalent to $405. HTC desire is a smart phone of mid range. 5.5 inch display screen is attracting customers from all over the Europe.



Dual SIM support is available in the Europe version of HTC Desire 816. Customer are waiting for a mid and low range smart phone for a long time with the quality of dual SIM. The look of the HTC Desire 816 is based on the HTC One M8. It is a premium handset with a great look. It is a really trendy smart phone for the youth.

It is a great device that comes with the low price bracket. Amazing features have been incorporated in the device to draw the customer towards this flagship product from the brand of HTC. If you are thinking of buying a cheaper smart phone or a phablet, then HTC Desire 816 is the ultimate device for you.

HTC Desire comes with a 5.5 inch HD display of 720p. It may come with a 1.6 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor to enhance the quality of the smart phone. HTC Desire has a 1.5 GB RAM. The memory of HTC Desire is boosted with the internal storage of 8GB. It is also possible to increase the storage space of this device with an expandable micro SD card of 128 GB. HTC desire comes with a battery quality of 2600.

In terms of battery and display HTC Desire may fall short to other devices in the market. However this shortcoming is overpowered with the help of its price. It may not have an ultra pixel camera. HTC Desire 816 sports rear camera of 13 MP. It also have front camera of 5MP.

HTC Desire will be available soon in the countries like UK, Portugal, Spain, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Bulgaria, Norway Lithuania, Serbia, Latvia and Switzerland.

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