Radiation Rating of HTC Smartphones

htcEnvironmental Working Group independent organization, which main activity is the analysis of security of products for consumers, studied electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones and smartphones.

For the correct understanding of the research it is important to emphasize that the electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones do not have anything to do with radiation from nuclear reactors or radioactive waste.

In fact one quantum (radiation particle) radiation from mobile phones has less energy than the X-rays or gamma-quantum. If we compare the X-rays quantum with a flying bullet, then the radiation emitted by the phone will look like a falling feather – so it won’t be able to damage the DNA molecule.

In an interview, director of the department of cell phones and digital devices J `son & Partners Sergey Savin noted that the lower the radiation, the longer the phone battery runs, but worse is the connectivity. “It’s like a machine if it is stronger, the more gas it needs and more exhaust gases emissions”, – Savin commented on the comparison of devices for wasting energy. That is why producers try to balance three factors: harm, signal strength and duration of the battery. This radiated power is limited by the laws of physics, and health regulations.

The safest turned out to be HTC Touch Diamond with 0.85 W/kg. After it come see below

  • HTC Touch Pro – 0.91 W/kg
  • T-Mobile G1 – 1.11 W/kg
  • HTC Fuze – 1.13 W/kg
  • HTC Touch Criuse2 – 1.25 W/kg
  • HTC HTC5800 (Fusion) – 1.49 W/kg

Smartphone with the highest level of radiation (not only among HTC, but in general among investigated gadgets) is T-Mobile myTouch 3G at around 1.55 W/kg.

Of course, the rating will still be changes – many models have not been tested yet.

There is no clear scientific evidence that even a model with maximum radiation can cause some harm. However, physically impossible to prove the opposite: we can not exclude that some effect may simply manifest itself in thirty years, and this effect will not be comparable, for example, the harm from smoking.

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  1. We all have brain cancer.

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