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QWERTY Keyboards in HTC’s Red Data Book

Today all mobile fans demand high-end specs, creative and elegant designs, super-thin handsets, and all in one packages. It’s not difficult to guess that all these features can’t come together at once, one of them has to be left out. According to the latest tendency QWERTY keyboards are the ones under the risk, gradually becoming extinct in mobile market.

The HTC event in Seattle has brought some surprises, which might be decisive in defining HTC’s future consumers.  The company’s creative director Claudia Zellweger has announced that HTC is gradually moving away from QWERTY keyboards. The manufacturer will focus more on touchscreens as they are what the market demands now.

Besides this, the software keyboards will allow manufacturers to play around with the designs and provide the extra-thinness so desired today. Another advantage of software keyboards is the comparably lower price of the handsets, as less part will be produced.

Although the technology is developing towards software keyboards recently, there are still a lot of mobile users who prefer the hardware. And the last thing HTC would want now is to lose the big number of such consumers. Surely, the company will not put an end to hardware keyboards in a day, it will most probably keep releasing QWERTY keyboard phones on the side but the challenge will have to come up at some point.


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