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Pre-Order Of HTC 500 Starts In UK

Pre-orders of the HTC 500 start in UK and the cost of the handset is £229.99. This handset has already attracted a large number of customers over the world for being one of the topmost smartphone devices. Its predecessor The HTC Desire is known for introducing a premium mobile experience to customers across the globe. This has been stated by The CEO of the Company Peter Chou.

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The device the HTC Desire 500 is also one smartphone that promises the same. The device is the perfect companion for people that are always on the move. With this phone people can get the benefits of multi-tasking and its live streaming. This device also sports a very high quality camera that helps to capture very important moments to life.  This phone will sport a 8MP camera in the rear and have a 1.6MP camera in front. Customers are able to get 1 GB of RAM and an internal storage of 4GB. HTC announced that the handset will be available this year from the month of August.

However the company as of now has not released the specific dates. Customers in the UK are able to take pre-orders for the HTC Desire 500 from the online retailer MobileFun. The introduction and the launch of this device had to be kept aside for sometime mainly because of the launch of other major mobiles like Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and other devices.

Everyone does not want to have a very high end phone at a very price. There are still some customers in the market that are on the lookout for middle budget and range phones. With the aid of them they can make use of their phone. They are not on the lookout for high end specifications and big screens. There are some smartphone customers that want smaller handsets that are middle ranged in nature. They look for the basic smartphone capabilities and other specifications for hardware.

 The HTC Desire 500 is one that has a number of features that are impressive and these features prompt the customer to go in for this mobile phone. The phone is one that is a middle budget phone and it will be available in the Glacier Blue and Lacquer color variants. There is news that this device will be available in selected regions in a dual SIM version. We have to wait and see how popular this device is once it is launched in the market.

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