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Performance Boost Coming to HTC Vivid with Android 4.0 ICS Update

While many people want to update their handsets to have the latest version of an operating system, others are interested in it because an update will provide a pretty solid performance boost. This is especially true for the HTC Vivid, which has managed to be the first smartphone getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. Well, according to some benchmarks by Venture Beat, the HTC Vivid shows a performance boost of up to 66% after the update.

Of course, the boost doesn’t refer to all areas and features, but it’s the highest point got during the test. So it would be pleasant to know which features reached such a score.

The 66% improvements are seen only in the vastly improved stock Android browser, which processes Javascript 66% faster than Gingerbread stock browser, though it renders HTML about 24% faster. As to the graphics benchmarks, the Vivid scored 20% higher on Nenamark 1 and 41% higher on Nenamark 2. Both numbers are introduced in comparison with the HTC Vivid running Gingerbread.

Other than that, the battery of Vivid was tested as well; turned out the changes come to it as well — it showed now the HTC Vivid will “stay alive” one hour longer. Though there is no word concerning the duration of talk time, longer battery life means longer talk time. Other improvements are related to the specifications of the OS and include such changes as Beats Audio support.


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