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Pay as you go SIM cards – what are the benefits?

Thinking of ditching the contract and using your HTC phone with a pay as you go SIM card? Until recently this wouldn’t have been a viable option for regular mobile users, mainly due to the relatively high cost of minutes offered on pay as you go. Recently, however, providers have begun to offer free SIM cards which combine the convenience of pay as you go with many of the advantages generally associated with a contract. Here are some of the major advantages of transferring to pay as you go.

No contract tie-in: The age-old benefit of pay as you go SIM cards is that you can avoid being tied into a 12- or 24-month contract. This means that if your financial circumstances change or if you find that your contract doesn’t suit how you use your mobile, you aren’t faced with year’s worth of bills. It also means that you can regulate your monthly usage, and cut back if you can’t afford to pay the same amount each month.

Lower monthly cost: Many mobile users can actually save cash by switching to pay as you go, thanks to the great deals that are now associated with free SIM cards. giffgaff, a leading provider of free SIM cards, offers goodie bags that allow you to spend £10 per month and receive 250 UK minutes as well as unlimited texts and unlimited mobile internet. If you think you’ll be using your mobile more, you can spend £25 to get 1,500 minutes and unlimited inclusive texts, as well as free web use. The best bit is that you don’t risk being charged when you go over your allocated monthly minute allowance.

Free goodies: From free minutes and text messages to extra credit and thousands of pounds worth of prizes, there are plenty of benefits to be had from using a free pay as you go SIM card. You could find info on some of the goodies to be had at giffgaff’s blog. If you’re wondering how to transfer to pay as you go, you’ll also find some useful information here:

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