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Orange Switzerland Reveals HTC 8X Launch Date

Though the first news about the HTC Windows Phone 8X availability and pricing came from the Expansys UK and Amazon UK, it turns out the phone will be launched in other countries much earlier than in the UK.

Announced a few weeks ago the HTC Windows Phone 8X is going to be the main rival of the Nokia Lumia 920. But the latter seems to have fewer chances to grab more Windows Phone market share as the Finnish company doesn’t want/like to offer its products via many retailers and carriers. As for Taiwanese HTC, it sells its products in stores of many mobile operators but yet there’s no result.

However, Orange Switzerland has announced it will ship the HTC 8X on November 2. Moreover, the operator is selling the phone for free on an 85 CHF (around £56, $91) 24 month contract. 12-month option is also available.

What’s more amazing for HTC fans, the carrier is not offering the Lumia 920, and none of the Swiss carriers has announced about its plans on the Nokia Windows Phone 8 device. So the HTC 8X will be in a beneficial position.

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