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O2 HTC Mozart runs Android?

I don’t know whether the HTC Mozart would like to run Android, or Windows Phone is what it needs, but O2 made a mistake placing an Android icon on the phone’s picture. That’s a little bit strange because the Mozart is one of the most popular Windows Phone 7-powered devices in the company’s portfolio, and there’s a small number of smartphone users who are unaware of this fact. Anyway, I guess that’s a muff, and the carrier will soon fix it.

Strangely enough when the phone was preparing to be launched in late October in the UK, it made a stir. Though the HTC Mozart is a high-end device and is not available for everyone, it allured big masses of potential consumers. Among its beautiful design and newly-launched Windows Phone 7 platform, there were many unique apps making the phone out-stand from the crowd.

Due to its features and compact design, the HTC Mozart became a bestseller for Orange UK. A year later O2 decided to update the deal details for the phone and being inattentive made such a mistake, or it just wanted the device to run Android. Kidding!


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