Nexus One Radio Update

If you are familiar with some tech and particularly smartphone wording, then surely the “radio” refers primarily not to the familiar FM-radio, but rather to a SRA which is responsible for the all wireless connections. It influences Wi-Fi, GSM, GPS and etc. With each new firmware for the radio manufacturers eliminates the problems found and optimizes the energy consumption. In most cases the changes are invisible to the users, but the increase in data rate of Nexus One is simply striking!

The smartphones designed to Korea had already been distinguished ones. While the worldwide users of the device had been waiting for the update, their Korean colleaguesr enjoyed Android 2.2 Froyo. But this is not the only advantage.

Korean Nexus One received a new firmware for radio, which is also compatible with other regions. Of course, it was immediately tested around the world, and the result is a pleasant surprise. Many users have noted an increase in data transfer speed via 3G. Moreover, even without compromising the power consumption.

To upgrade the radio:
Download: 141kbps
Shipping: 81kbps
Response: 167ms

After the upgrade the radio:
Download: 203kbps
Shipping: 422kbps
Response: 165ms

The download of Radio 2.08 can be done via xda-developers.

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