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Nexus One Getting Android 2.3?

Earlier we had news that there are not going to be any new updates for the year-old Nexus One. But while the time goes rumors appear to come along again. But this time it’s something more serious. According to the rumors an info leaked during Mobile World Congress 2011 event stating that soon Nexus One will get a major update in the form of Android 2.3. The possible update date is going to be next week!!!

But this is the rumor that was released by MobileCruch. Guys do really believe that this finally take place.  They claim that the rumor is just not like any other rumors that were surfacing alongside the fake info. They say that this time there are even a few side sources proving the fact making everything more realistic.

The sources claim that the update will be coming as an over-the-air update. This is pretty cool. We do believe that in case if Android 2.3 will be landing to the Nexus One, then we will have lots of cool updates coming soon. The thing is that Google has been delivering its updates first to its branded gadget and then continuing to distribute it among the rest of Android OS smartphones.

Android 2.3 is long expected to land to the gadgets, but we do not really want to stop it there as we want to make use of Android 3.0, which will hopefully land to the gadgets (so far it’s announced to be capable only for the Android tablets) and get more functionality to those.

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