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Nexus One and Nexus S Getting Android 2.3.3

Did we promise that Nexus One will be one of the first gadgets to receive Android 2.3.3 update? Well, here you go. The update is rolling not only to the first smartphone of Google brand but also to the novelty of  Nexus S, manufactured by Samsung. This was confirmed by the Twitter announcement of the official Google Nexus account. The update will start today (in case if it didn’t start already) and will end up in a few weeks, while  reaching out all of the Nexus gadgets.

This will be the first official Gingerbread update for the HTC manufactured Nexus One bringing in NFC capabilities to Nexus S.

This is just great. Can not forget about the idea that when Andorid 2.3 was released last year, everyone was wondering when it will finally land to the devices, but it never did. In contrast in early February its updated version of Android 2.3.3 was introduced and that’t the one that appeared to be available on this cool Nexus gadgets.

What’s going to be the next Android device to receive this update? Well, there’s a rumor that the rest of the HTC devices will not face an Android 2.3.3 and they will straightly go for Android 2.4. Well, this is great news despite the fact we are not sure about the release date of Android 2.4, which means that the updates will still not take place for some period of timing.

If you haven’t received the update yet, don’t hesitate to wait for a couple of days.


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