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New Leak Reveals The HTC One Is Coming In Black

HTC is now all set to cross a cross licensing deal to keep rival Apple away from it for some time. If you have looked at the upcoming HTC One you will find that it resembles the iphone 5 in a big way. There are leaks this phone is about to hit the market in black while being available in the white/silver color scheme.


Even if you are looking at the HTC Sense 5.0 you will find that it neither resembles nor looks like the iOS system of the iphone. The display of this phone reveals a location of New York along with the date of February 19th. The leaked version of the white phone has been localized to be released in London. Both these cities are going to host a double event that is to be confirmed. This event will also host the launch party of the HTC One in the market.

There are rumors the Company is gearing up for its next big launch party. HTC has begun the countdown on its website in an effort to tease the event that is likely to take place next week. The Company as of now has not been publicly releasing news of this forthcoming event. It has not revealed what it will be launching at this event.

There are some rumors the Company is going to launch its next flagship mobile the HTC One that is still known in specific circles as the M7.  As of now there are no specific details on the website of the Company beyond the regular lens buzz going on in the background. Around last week there was a blog post from HTC that teased about a new sound and camera experience for the new smartphone devices this year.

The Company has for some time seen a revenue and profit slide. Since then it is making a sincere and desperate attempt to woo the customers in the market and win back their hearts. The Company hopes to influence the minds of customers as well. In the earlier days of the Android revolution HTC was one of the most widely sought after names in the mobile market however now it has taken over by Samsung Electronics thanks to its Galaxy S brand.

It was last year that HTC had made its attempts to imitate the strategy to make its debut with its HTC One series of smartphones however its implementation had been interrupted as HTC went on to manufacture a number of different flagship smartphones that catered to different phone carriers in the market.

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