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New HTC devices based on Windows Phone 7

There is good news (or just news) for those waiting for the updates about HTC devices running Windows Phone 7. New names and some specs leaked on WP7 smartphones.

What we see in the image above are some new names or codenames of phones to be released by HTC. Among them, PC40100, surfaced in the profile of Bluetooth SIG. Getting a little deeper we see that the list can be expanded by a list of devices: HTC PD26100, HTC PC40100, HTC PC40200 and HTC PD67100, all of which have a support for WI-FI 802.11n.

Unfortunately, nothing more is known about these updates, but encouraged by the fact that the range of Windows phone 7 devices will be more attractive and various and each of the mobile carriers will receive their own version of HTC smartphone based on WP7 platform.

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