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Ndrive Works on Android

HTC-phonesGPS application NDrive, which was only available for the iPhone, is now available for the users of Android phones!

What is the difference between Google Maps and NDrive? And why pay for NDrive, when Google Maps Navigation is available for free?

First, to work with Google Maps Navigation, you need a good communication channel with high speed. Secondly, the application is developed for the United States and the users of other countries don’t have access to it (do not take into account the attempts of hackers to unblock applications throughout the world). NDrive uses the card, installed on your phone, and does not require a 3G connection, which can be expensive for many users, so here you go.

NDrive provides step by step voice instructions and navigation, creating a route, three different modes routing, favorite, POI database and radars. Other features of the application include the creation of extended routes with multiple points of destination for trip planning, 3D mapping of some buildings and sites, support for the ABC and QWERTY keyboard, and automatic switching for day / night.

NDrive will work on versions of Android 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0, including the following phones: Motorola Droid, T-Mobile G1, HTC Magic, Hero, Dream and Samsung i7500.


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