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Mobile Version of Firefox 4 Released

Mozilla has presented the mobile version of Firefox 4 browser that works under OS Android. The developers say this browser is three times faster than the one that comes with Android 2.2 by default. The mobile Firefox won’t run under ARMv6 processor architecture and requires Android 2.2 to work properly.

The mobile and PC versions of Firefox 4 are built on the same platform, but the user interface of the Android version was changed a bit and optimized for a touchscreen control.

One of the main advantages of this browser is the Firefox Sync module that gives the opportunity to synchronize the bookmarks, browse history, passwords and profiles with your PC’s Firefox browser.

There is one more interesting feature in this browser: You can save web pages in PDF and view them later while being offline. The experts also say the JavaScript engine performance of the mobile Firefox 4 is great, and the support for HTML5 and the password and download managers are worth mentioning. Besides, the mobile version of Firefox 4 comes in more than 10 languages. Perhaps the only minus is the fact that it doesn’t support Adobe Flash.

The Android-version of the Firefox 4 browser can be found on Android Market. Do you want to get it right now? Don’t hurry, look through the list of the devices the browser supports first!

And here is a video demonstrating the new Firefox 4 web browser for Android smartphones, have a look at it, if you’re interested.

  • ry

    No Flash support? NAHHHHH no way

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