Less Metal, More Plastic… That’s HTC in 2012!

Recently when I was discussing my HTC Sensation review with a friend of mine, and she said I’d described the design and especially the metal back of the Sensation in such a way that not many people would like to get it. I was surprised, because reviewing the device I thought metal was better than plastic, because metal looks better and feels better when you hold it in your hands.

As we see, people perceive the materials smartphones are made of in different ways. Some like plastic, some prefer metal. But anyway, according to the latest reports, HTC is going to halve the number of metal smartphones from 60 percent to 30 percent in 2012, which means that about 70 percent of all HTC smartphones will be made from plastic. Most likely, this decision is related with the company’s interest in Nano Molding Technology that helps to make phones using fewer connective components.

The plastic-made smartphones are lighter in weight, which is good, but on the other hand they will be less rugged. I don’t know yet if HTC’s decision to make more plastic phones is good or bad — it’s up to you to decide!


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