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Leaked AT&T Roadmap Includes HTC ChaCha and HTC Paradise

We can finally have a look at the leaked roadmap of AT&T, which reveals a few Android smartphones, which are going to land to the carrier. The list includes an interesting HTC handset that will be coming with a QWERTY keyboard, a 480 × 320 display and a Facebook button. These specs make us think that AT&T is going to release the HTC ChaCha.

The device can actually be released with a different name — it can be called the HTC Lele instead of the HTC ChaCha.

The second HTC handset is the HTC Hydra A5253. This is the codenamed version of the HTC Paradise, which was presented last summer. The device was announced to come up in a couple of months, but it was never released, which is rather strange. Now it feels like an entire year later the smartphone can finally be introduced to the public.

As for the rest of the smartphones, we have the following list: the BlackBerry Uwan 9810 (known as Blackberry Torch 2), the Samsung Habrok SGH-i857 (which has never been released to the public), and the Huawei Dola U8800 (known as WVGA Ideos X5) together with the Pantech Bannik P8000, which visited FCC last year.


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