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ITC Dismissed HTC’s Appeal against Apple

HTC and Apple have been in patent wars for a long time now. The start of their “fight” was given back in 2010 when Apple filed a suit against the Taiwanese company with the ITC. Then there were tens of hearings in favor of one company or the other. Finally in November ITC announced Apple did not violate any of the patents. HTC was angry and said it would appeal. Unfortunately, last Friday ITC announced it’s dismissing the appeal. Though nothing is over yet since there are still a few options to be considered, HTC should forget about winning this lawsuit.

All in all, these lawsuits and patent hurly-burlies are not pleasant for companies, as they spend crazy amounts of money on them. Well, HTC bought S3 Graphics for $300 to strengthen its positions in the patent cases against Apple. This small company had its own infringement case against Cupertino-based company, and HTC hoped this acquisition would help it beat Apple. At one moment we all believed HTC’s plan is working, but ITC mixed all the cards. Moreover, Apple spent $100 million and won one patent case out of many. Everybody was crying out Apple acts unreasonably, but turns out now the latter is in a beneficial situation.

No guesses when these cases will come to their end, but I hope HTC will complete it soon and focus on its main goal — producing handsets.


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