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Is This The End of HTC Flyer?

You should have enough reasons to tell a tablet released just in May is going to die. But exactly such information is now circulating through the web concerning the HTC Flyer. The first reason to think so is the tablet disappeared from the website of Best Buy. Nearly from the moment of its release, the stylus-friendly HTC Flyer was struggling to remain in the minds of customers as an option to other tablets. But if the competitors were boasting of their dual-core processors, the HTC Flyer offers only a single-core processor (1.5GHz). It did not matter you do not really understand the difference between these cores, or that you could not even feel a difference in operation between a single-core or a dual core, but maybe this was one of the reasons consumers turned their faces from the HTC Flyer.

Another issue is it was launched running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread with tablet modified HTC Sense UI. And it does not matter HTC long ago announced it is going to update the HTC Flyer to Android 3.0 Honeycomb (which it did in some countries), the image of having an outdated OS lingered with the device. Add to this the price of the tablet ($600) and the news about the possible closure of the Flyer is not unfounded.

It seems HTC itself doubts already what to do with the Flyer since they surely have the grim sale numbers. Some websites dedicated to the Flyer, for example, have their last posts written several months ago and no updates are available from that time. So is this the end of the HTC Flyer?


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