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International HTC One X Getting Jelly Bean Update

A month ago we reported HTC would launch Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X and XL sometime in October. The mentioned date has come and we’re glad to inform you the Taiwanese manufacturer is currently rolling out Jelly Bean update to the international model of the One X.

As AndroidCentral claims, the company is pushing out the update region be region. Like Sony, HTC has begun launching updates based on their CID (Customer ID) in each region. For example, those HTC One X owners whose phone comes with CID of htc__044, should wait a few more days, while devices with CID of htc__612 are currently downloading their own dose of Jelly Bean.

After the update is available in your country, your device will run on HTC Sense 4+, which is the latest UI of the company. This update is out only for Europe and Asia but be sure HTC will launch it for the US in coming weeks as well.

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