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Rosie Interface Released as HTC Sense

The Rosie interface, as expected, made his debut on the HTC Hero. And the official name of the shell is the HTC Sense.

Peter Chou, the general director of the HTC Corporation, said that HTC is constantly increasing the technical capabilities of its communicators and trying to make the devices as simple and user-friendly as possible.


The developers wanted to make a shell like TouchFlo 3D for the phones based on the Android OS. And they succeeded! Even more, the new shell uses Adobe Flash, has a multi-touch support and is even better than its predecessor.

The main feature of the new interface is the presence of multiple profiles that you can configure for specific needs, add the necessary widgets, settings and call settings to each. By changing the profiles, you can easily and quickly turn your communicator from a “workhorse” into a media center.

The HTC Sense Interface is based on three key principles — “Personalize it,” “stay connected” and “discover the unexpected.”


  • “Personalize it” —  each user must feel that the phone was created especially for him. To achieve this, HTC gives the user the opportunity to organize the information in the phone as he wishes. Some can add widgets like weather or Twitter updates to the desktop. Others need quick access to e-mail, calendar and other business applications.


  • “Stay connected” — the HTC Sense demonstrates a new approach to integrating various communication channels and applications to one interface and allows the user to stay connected with those who are important for him. Thanks to the HTC Sense, the status of friends on Facebook is constantly updated, and photos, including the photos on Flickr, are loaded along with text messages or e-mails in the same menu.
  • “Discover the unexpected” — the HTC Sense interface offers a variety of simple but innovative additions that will please and even surprise the users. For example, the user will like the opportunity to easily mute an incoming call.
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