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Ice Cream Sandwich Unveiled: Quick Feature Rundown

While everyone’s discussing the new Samsung Nexus, we’re thinking about HTC’s future…related to Android and all the “goodies” that will come with Ice Cream Sandwich. So let’s not lose time and see what Android 4.0 comes with.

Google replaced its old typeface, Droid Sans, with a new one called Roboto. ICS moved the classic Android buttons onto the screen, moreover, they disappear when watching video or in widescreen mode. Now the widgets have become re-sizable and more robust than they were, plus they now occupy separate space in the app drawer. When dragging apps and contacts on top of each other, it creates re-arrangeable folders like iOS. Now users can show their favorite apps, links and folders in a new Favorites tray, which helps them access all above mentioned objects quickly.

The next improvement is more than anticipated; now you can hold down the power button and the volume down button to snap a screenshot. Agree, we’ve been waiting for this for quite a long time. Though Android’s notification bar is one of the most beloved ones, Google’s made an overhaul here as well. Music controls are also integrated. Notifications are easily dismissed with a quick swipe left or right.

The copy/paste functionality has been changed too — now the users can move entire blocks of texts. Do you remember the app created for Nokia phones, which allows users to lock/unlock their phone with your face? A similar feature is now available in Ice Cream Sandwich called Face Unlock. Face Unlock is much easier to use as for unlocking the phone users only have to look into the front-facing camera.

While Apple is surprising the world with its Siri showing how voice control assistant must work, Google develops talk-to-text technology, and in Ice Cream Sandwich voice input seems smarter and requires less time. It even accounts for pauses.

Well, there will be many smartphones running Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, which means owners of such handsets will use Internet Explorer 9 as their default browser. I guess you understand what it means. But Google’s improved the browser coming with Ice Cream Sandwich and now it sports tabs maxing out at 16. It also allows users to save pages offline for later viewing.

There are real improvements in Gmail, people apps, calendar, data usage, camera app and so on.  But we need more time to study them. So stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.


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