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HTC’s One M8 Harman Kardon Edition Announced

According to the CEO of HTC Peter Chou, the Harman Kardon Edition for HTC One M8 is a reality. HTC One has been launched recently. At this time Harman Kardon Edition comes as a surprise to the mobile enthusiasts. It will be a flagship product from the brand of HTC with a smoother finish. It is an ultimate treat to the music lovers all over the world. They will certainly want to have a look of the device in order to satisfy their curiosity.


Harman Kardon Edition of HTC one M8 is much similar to Boom Sound. It has done wonders for the brand. With the deeper look it will reveal unique software. It has completely different outlook to mesmerize the customer. The quality of the music is enhanced with the Harman Kardon Edition of HTC One M8. It is possible to toggle with the setting. Compressed tracked can be heard with quality sound as well. The sound of the MP3 will be bigger and better.  Soft and sweet rhythmic round from the HTC One M8 Harmon Kardon Edition has made all the difference in the world.

An attribute of Live Stage is included in the device as well. With the help of this feature the sound of the music will appear more natural and crisp. It seems like listening to live music. Same techniques of Jam Boxes are used in the Harman Kardon Edition of HTC One M8. With the combination of Live stage and Clari-Fi the music lover will get a perfect sound.

HTC One M8 Harman Kardon Edition comes with head phones as well. With the help of the Harman Kardon AE earbuds the customer can save up to $ 80. Harman Kardon Edition of HTC One is rolling out from Sprint. Various color schemes are provided with this premium handset from the brand of HTC. The pair of ear buds supplied from HTC One M8 Harman Kardon Edition is available at the price of $ 30. High quality music can be enjoyed with this flagship product from HTC. Therefore the customer can now enjoy music with this exclusive software.

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