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HTC’s October Sales Down by 60%

At the beginning of spring HTC announced it would succeed this year, and I asked the company not to use the trick of Baron Munchausen who saved himself from drowning in quicksand by pulling himself up using only his bootstraps. Unfortunately, there was no answer to my request. So I guess it’s high time to accuse the Taiwanese HTC of having adopted a wrong strategy.

The Q3, 2011 financial results of the manufacturer were shocking, and no one can deny this but the quarters that followed it were disappointing. Today HTC announced the sales number for October, and as you guess, they are lower than ever – 60% from $1.5 billion ($NT 44 billion) in October, 2011 to $588 million ($NT 17.2 billion) this October. But let’s put these numbers aside and think how the company can overcome this situation.

In a few weeks the company will out the HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S devices with a fresh operating system. The HTC One X+ with its stunning features is already out. Plus, Verizon will be launching the HTC Droid DNA with a 5-inch display soon. Seems the handset maker is armed well, and if everything is planned seemly, nothing will prevent it from getting out of this mash. Don’t you think so?

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