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HTC’s Market Share Drops 60 Percent

I know many people simply obsessed with HTC. They have never owned a smartphone carrying other branding, and no matter what, their next smartphone, as well, will be produced by HTC. Nevertheless, even despite this HTC shows decreased financial results in the last two quarters, which means the company is not what we used to see. But many consumers are so busy complaining about Nokia that no one pays attention to what’s actually going on inside the Taiwanese manufacturer. Ad network Chitika observed the situation and found out an interesting fact over which the company should think.

According to the source, HTC’s market share has dropped from 18.22% to 7.28% based on traffic across its network, while Apple’s share has increased by 64% from 46.84% to 76.88%. But if Apple is not that dangerous for the company as its handsets run another platform, iOS, other Android-based manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei have shown steady growth.

At the moment, HTC’s only hope is its One line. The One line smartphones are offered in many countries via many carriers. But they are not perfect, and the bugs they come with prevent the company from gaining a new momentum and competing with its main competitors.

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