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HTC Windows Phone 8X Getting Firmware Update

The HTC Windows Phone 8X was launched last month. It’s the most popular HTC device running the latest version of Microsoft, so many consumers have bought it and are satisfied with it. Now they should be happier as HTC is pushing out the first firmware update for it.

This OTA update is available for unbranded and unlocked models. The update is known with the name Portico, which is the conventional codename of build 10211. Usually firmware updates accompany OS updates because they can successfully tweak some of the hardware features like screen brightness, volume, sensor adjustments, etc.

Though at the moment there is no certain info as to what changes this update comes with, users can get acquainted with “the features discovered” by other users. We think it will be useful as this update changes the firmware version from 10022 to 20003, meaning there is a lot to talk about. At this moment we know that now the HTC Windows Phone 8X connects to Wi-Fi hotspots automatically in order to help users save on data.

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