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HTC Windows Phone 8X Coming to T-Mobile

T-Mobile was the first carrier to trust Nokia and launch its mid-range Lumia 710 in the US. Though the phone was in the first positions of smartphone charts and was selling well, the Lumia 710 wasn’t able to bring back Nokia’s popularity. It managed to do the Lumia 900 launched via AT&T, but it’s a different story. As to the Magenta Carrier, T-Mobile has never been known for its tenderness towards Windows Phone OS but the phones announced by HTC and Nokia didn’t allow the carrier to stand on the side. It particularly refers to the HTC Windows Phone 8X, which is one of the best WP handsets designed till today.

As you guess, T-Mobile has officially confirmed the HTC Windows Phone 8X but the carrier didn’t say when it will be launched. According to HTC , its Windows Phone 8 devices will be available in November, so we tend to think T-Mobile will enter simultaneously with other carriers.

No pricing details are known but recently the HTC Windows Phone 8X got price tags at around £399.99 that is $649. So the full retail price will be something identical with this, while the on contract price will not be more than $100.

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