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HTC Windows Phone 8S Available in UK

The HTC Windows Phone 8S was expected to be globally launched on November 20, but now it’s December 10 and only today we’ve gotten a chance to announce about its arrival in the UK. Users will be able to get their hands on it tomorrow, on December 11. The device is late, of course, but the retailers and mobile operators that will launch it have set the price aggressively so that users have no future reason to complain.

One of the most affordable deals comes from Three. The mobile operator is offering it for free on price plans costing only £17 per month, though those who prefer SIM-free deals can pick it for £179.99.

As for other deals, O2 is also getting pre-orders but it doesn’t mention any price tag. In this sense, Clove and Expansys are taking orders at £224.99 and £239.99, respectively. Amazon is offering the phone at the same price as Expansys, £239 including delivery. Anyway, if you prefer getting this phone on contract, then Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse have good offers for you. The HTC 8S is available for free with a data plan starting at £21 per month.

So what’s your choice?

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