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HTC WiMAX Models Vulnerable

Every day we talk about Android’s success and discuss numbers showing Android’s superiority over iOS and other platforms. But Google’s mobile operating system isn’t perfect at all and this is not news for anyone of us. The latest hole in the OS’ code was discovered lately; when HTC smartphones were said to gather information on your device and send it out. HTC pushed out an update fixing this issue. Seems all issues are solved? I have to disappoint you; an XDA developer, TrevE has discovered another bug — all those HTC users who enjoy the speeds of WiMax on their 4G enabled devices are doing so with an inherent risk.

How is it explained? WiMax is even more open than the HTC logger app., attackers can manipulate data connectivity and reprogram your device’s CDMA parameters remotely! It’s done by means of two ports that don’t require any authentication. The attackers need only one thing to do this — Internet permission. This way attackers can easily can check out what you are running on your device (release keys).

Good news! HTC is aware of this problem and is working on a new update to fix the bug. HTC will come up with a corresponding update, this is for sure. But you know, I don’t really get why things like that must happen to our handsets. Don’t you think it’s high time that both HTC and we concentrate on security rather than on numbers?

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