HTC Wildfire 2.2 Three Update Now Available

All Three UK customers having a HTC Wildfire will get a popup message informing  that the 2.2 FroYo will appear as an update on their device. Or you can check the availability of the update manually, going into Settings.

The major feature that the update brings is the WiFi Hotspot application which when paired with the all-you-can-eat data of One Plan tariff gives you endless tethering without extra bills, this will surely please all data-hungry Three customers.

So if 2.2 is missing on your HTC Wildfire  handset, hurry to Settings and search for the update.

  • Sfralph

    I have an HTC Wildfire on Three and still no update

  • David

    me too

  • Tony Colarossi

    me three!! what gives?

  • Dvddan69

    i work for three…its a load of rubbish three are not releasing 2.2 FACT ! u will have to get phone unlocked and do the update that way or get the phone rooted and use a rom update like cyanogen

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