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HTC Wants to Produce Next Google Nexus Handset

Once a year Google deviates from its main goal of developing software and launches a smartphone called Nexus. Seems the tech giant likes this “game” and it will play by the same rules in tablet market too. However, until then OEMs are interested only in the next Nexus smartphone, which will be launched with Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. The company selected as the next Google Nexus smartphone producer will be given a chance to get its hands on the next generation Android OS before others. This is the main reason why all smartphone vendors just “plead” Google to be its next partner in this deal. HTC is not an exception.

The Taiwanese company is currently in negotiations with Google trying to win the confidence back. HTC was one of Google’s closest partners from 2007 when it launched the first Android powered phone – the T-Mobile G1. Afterwards Google trusted the production of its first smartphone to THIS company, which did its best to please its “Big Brother.” The Google Nexus One was launched at the beginning of 2010 and became very popular. Seemed the cooperation between these two companies would last forever and nothing would prevent it, but there was another manufacturer, which had been gathering forces for years and ultimately managed to snatch the exclusivity of Nexus smartphones from HTC. That company was Samsung, which keeps on producing Google Nexus smartphones.

The Google Nexus S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus handsets became a real dream for all Android fans, and both companies benefited from their sales. But more importantly both companies became more reliable and beloved in the eyes of consumers.

In this view, it seems neither HTC, nor another manufacturer have a chance to become Google’s next partner. Moreover, the tech monster is going to acquire Motorola and it wouldn’t be reasonable to outsource Nexus’ production after this deal. But HTC, LG and other big device makers are doing their best to win Google’s heart and who knows, maybe one day they will succeed, though HTC’s Jeff Gordon’s words tell a different story.

“Google hasn’t chosen its Nexus partner for (Android) Jellybean as yet. So right now all the manufacturers are crossing their fingers.”


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