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As soon as the new photos have been revealed, new comparisons have come up to be stated between the two leading competing android manufacturers i.e. HTC and Samsung and their devices namely the HTC One Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note3. Beginning of the week we had got to see the two devices- Samsung galaxy note 3 and HTC one max hanging out in the wild sharing stories of how it feels to be huge. Now another set of images has popped up.


Posted to Sina Weibo the new set of pictures once again shows the devices hanging in the wild, thereby giving us an opportunity to compare the size. As the phablet is stated to launch sometime in 2013 it is not surprising to see that the latest pictures are putting up a comparison between the one max and the most likeable device to beat it, the Samsung galaxy note 3.

It is rumoured that the backside of one max will have a fingerprint scanner and other such rumours and photo leaks are maxing one apprehensive of the actual debut date of the phablet. A recent leak suggests that the 5.9 inch one max could be set for an October debut.

However it is disappointing news for HTC as their device is starting off with a loss when compared to note3 in respect to its dimension. Though it is understood and accepted that the dimension is not the basic criteria for a phablet, but one cannot withheld stating the HTC One Max’ stylish look is in pace with its price but on the other hand, Samsung has made a proper use of what is available keeping it to a minimum.

One thing to be noted is that when we consider HTC’s trade at the growing phablet market, the company shouldn’t be surprised with the reviews or the rumour that has been going on ever since it was announced. The details of the monstrous phablet have been happily leaked in the past and still continuing with some proving to be specific on the target. Thus all thanks to the rumours that we know about the fingerprint scanner. Presumably this is going to be the first device to have this facility after the iPhone5. We are equally aware of the fact that the phablet will live up to the style of HTC. All that can be done now is to wait in apprehension.

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