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HTC Touch Diamond2 Running Android

The development of Android OS emulators for smartphones running Windows Mobile has been carried on for a long time. And now, the developers from xda have presented the main result — the HTC Touch Diamond2 running Android 2.0.1 (Eclair). Moreover, there is not only a video but also there are separate files available to run on the HTC Touch Diamond2, the HTC Touch Pro2 or the HTC Touch HD.

Instruction for self-installation:

1. Download the required archive:
- For HTC Touch Diamond2: Android 2.0.1 Android 1.6
- For HTC Touch Pro2: Android 2.0.1
- For HTC Touch HD: Android 2.0.1: mediafire, rapidshare or zshare
2. Make a backup copy of the files on the memory card and format it in Fat32
3. Extract the content of the archive to the root of the memory card
4. Run haret.exe and wait for the download

Download URLs:

Touch Diamond 2

Touch Pro2

Touch HD

  • Sylvester

    i think the htc team should do something about the language settings.

  • Smaierr

    Hello I am trying to install android on my htc diamond 2, downloaded at nXDA thatufeff is in your description the android, plus included 2 types 1 nBundle package FRX06 Final NEW, 2 System package – FRX06 Final NEW, the nmoment I’m with the first, draws on root of my card got the HTC Topaz nstartup.txt that is in the folder and run haret.exe, but the boot screenn is still writing the following – Haret boot Shutting down hardware nTurning off MMU MMV or in preloader PSR = 600000df – and not leave it. nHelp?

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