HTC Touch Diamond2 Clone with Dual-core Processor

MTK (MediaTek) is one of the leading manufacturers of phones and smartphones in Asia. We have seen a lot of devices created by the company that externally reminded of HTC Tattoo or HTC Touch Diamond2. Almost all of them used the processor Hisilicon-k3, which is much inferior to the originals by capacity. But recently submitted chipset MTK6516 will seriously reduce the backlog!

The main feature of the MTK6516 is the dual-core processor. The first core is ARM9 with a frequency of 460MHz. Its main purpose is to handle  system problems and implementation of programs. The second core is ARM7 MODEM with a clock frequency of 280MHz Рresponsible for working with the radio module. The main advantage of this make is a significant increase in speed.

The first smartphone with the MTK6516, externally similar to HTC Touch Diamond2, will have a 3.2-inch touch screen, basic camera with 3.2MP and frontal matrix – 1.3MP, 256RAM, 256ROM, Wi-Fi module and video accelerator. It will have Windows Mobile 6.5 as its OS.

Approximate price and release date, unfortunately, are not reported.

Nor is it known how significant will the increase in speed be. But the craftsmen are unlikely to succumb to the temptation to test the new product. And we can only wait for the results.

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