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HTC To Release Facebook Phone For Social Network Lovers

There is good news for Facebooking fans across the globe. HTC is all set to release a new model device that will serve people fond of social networking websites. The user will get the advantages and the benefits of all Facebook Apps and its Messenger as well. You are also able to get the benefits of Instagram that gives you a huge global usage keeping you connected with everyone in every corner of the world.


Now when it comes to this new device there is an obvious question that will come into your mind. You would like to know what is on the menu of this device. The phone has world class technology giving people the best Facebook user experience they are looking for. This phone is a middle range phone with a 1.5 GHZ dual core CPU and 1GB RAM to rely on. This phone also sports a 720p 4.3 inches screen that has a pixel density of 320 ppi. This phone also has a built in memory of 16GB.

The new phone is called the Myst and it is hyped to be a gigahertz smartphone. Camera lovers will get a 5MP one on the rear and a 1.6MP one in the front. The OS is the Android Jellybean 4.1.2 and it is anticipated that this device is going to get the next upgrade when it goes on air.

The HTC Myst is not considered to be a pushover. It is a phone that carries with it a lot of hope and anticipation especially with its unique Facebook feature. Now only time will tell whether this mobile phone is a quick success or a fast demise.

HTC of course faces a tough job ahead. It has to convince consumers that the mobile facebook feature will be a better and more enjoyable feature with the Myst instead of using iphones or the Samsung Galaxy devices that are higher priced and may be better off. The mobile manufacturer needs to ensure that the price is right if it wants it to be a success. Buyers should be able to buy the phone due to these features only. It is important for people to be aware of the best for their needs and if the primary need is being in touch while on the go then you should opt for the forthcoming HTC phone for your needs provided you get more with the price you pay!

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