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HTC to Launch Windows Phone 8 Devices

Yesterday Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 OS, which is what the company needed for many years. Now the dominance of Android and iOS is under threat because WP 8 Apollo comes with many new features and improvements. Moreover, four main phone makers have already announced their plans on launching smartphones (and tablets) running this operating system. Among them we can mention HTC, Nokia, Samsung, and Huawei that is actively trying to grab some market share in the West. As to the Lumia line handsets, they won’t be upgraded to WP8 but some of them will get Windows Phone 7.8 update that will bring some of WP8 features.

Windows Phone 8 sports all features we have been dreaming of. Firstly, it will support multi-core hardware theoretically up to 64-core processors.

Secondly, WP8 will support three new screen resolutions: WVGA at 800×400, WXVGA at 1280×768, and True 720p at 1280×720.

Thirdly, Windows Phone 8 will come with Internet Explorer 10, the code of which will be almost the same for desktop and mobile versions. As you know, IE is one of the securest web browsers, and the v10 will be in this accent as well, say its SmartScreen Filter and online phishing detector are the best proof of my words.

WP8 will support microSD card slot unlike the previous version, but the upcoming devices will possibly sport 64GB of native storage.

Other than that, users will be able to choose the tile size — there are small, medium and large options, and the smaller tiles will be more ideal for apps that need minimum amount of space to offer necessary information. Thus users can customize the size of each tile.

Finally, Windows Phone 8 will support NFC meaning Microsoft can create its own mobile payment service.

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