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HTC to Launch Quad-Core Tablet

The tablet market is conquered by Apple. Many other manufacturers try to get a piece of pie, but they must work hard, because the Cupertino based company won’t give away its prizes easily. Of course, I mean the iPad 2, which is an absolute leader in this market, but judging by HTC CEO Peter Chou’s statement, the Taiwanese company will work on a quad-core tablet, which in all likelihood will be announced at MWC 2012.

According to his announcement, HTC’s tablet lineup will be supplemented by another tablet. We don’t know much about the upcoming device yet, but the Chinese Commercial Times says the abovementioned tablet will be packed with a quad-core processor provided by Nvidia. Recently, we heard HTC will launch a Tegra 3-powered smartphone, the HTC Edge. The company’s portfolio is gradually getting more powerful. Can you name another manufacturer having so many quad-core gadgets?

The MWC will be held in Barcelona on February 27, and most likely we’ll see the first quad-core tablet there. Moreover, according to the source, it’ll be launched a little bit earlier than Windows 8. Thus HTC’s tablet will have more chances than Nokia’s rumored one. The coming year seems to be very promising for the company, especially considering that some of the plans HTC’s revealed are absolutely great. On the other hand, this is not surprising as earlier HTC announced it’ll continue producing tablets in slate form-factor.


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