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HTC to Launch NFC-Enabled Smartphones in 2012

Nowadays the most NFC-adored company is Nokia, which isn’t scared of packing its smartphones with these chips. But the Finnish company seems to be alone on the NFC planet. On the one hand it gives Nokia dominance, but on the other hand this useful technology is growing very slowly. Moreover, Apple recently announced it prefers Bluetooth 4.0 technology instead of NFC. Other big manufacturers don’t hurry to bring this technology to their devices, though we have noted a shift by HTC.

According to analysts, in 2014 the smartphone market will reach 900 million units per year, 180 million of which will be NFC-enabled smartphones. As you see, about the 20 percent of all smartphones will support this technology, and HTC just can’t lose sight of it. HTC is said to launch several NFC-enabled smartphones in 2012.

The implementation of NFC technology won’t have an impact on the design and measurements of HTC devices, because chipset manufacturers are ready to adopt NFC chips in the SIM card to avoid installing built-in system of payment by carriers and to similar cases.

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