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HTC Titan Getting its Dose of Update

This is already the third news coming our way courtesy of the guys over at WPCentral and we thank them for such a work. This means I’m here to inform you the next Windows Phone Mango-powered of the Taiwanese company, the Titan is currently getting a software update.

Unfortunately, we have no details about the update’s changelog. What we know you can find below:

  • Firmware revision number old: 1600.2200.10806.401
  • Firmware revision number new: 1600.2200.10902.401
  • Bootloader version old: 1.8.160015.3(132000)
  • Bootloader version new: 1.9.160015.3(132193)

At the moment I am very much curious about the US launch. As you know the HTC Titan will be launched in the US on November 20 and probably the consumers would like to know whether this update refers to the US version too or not. Anyway, the HTC Titan is one of the best WP-flowered devices and Microsoft will always keep it in the center of its attention. I mean sooner or later the device will get the appropriate updates. At that time it’ll become more powerful. There is only one thing disappointing about the phone — it lacks Beats Audio. How come the Android version of the HTC Titan, the HTC Sensation XL comes with Beats Audio and this one lacks it?

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