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HTC Titan Cradle and HTC Radar Cradle Available at Expansys US

The HTC Titan and the HTC Radar have been available in the US for a pretty long period, which cannot be said about their accessories. If in European countries the models were distributed and third party retailers offered HTC accessories straight forward, then in Northern America the customers had to wait. Finally, Expansys US is offering HTC brand cradles for both models.

The HTC Titan Cradle (CR S600) and the HTC Radar Cradle (CR S610) are now available at a rather low price in contrast to the European offers. The retailer requires $38.99 for each. We cannot check if the accessories are made specifically for the US models or are imported from Europe, but I don’t think it’s the most important question that should bother potential customers.

The docks allow having full synchronization with the PC while providing battery charging. The accessories are designed in a way as to make it convenient to play games and scroll through the web at the best angle.

The HTC Titan Cradle comes in black, while the HTC Radar Cradle comes in white to ideally fit the smartphones.


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