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HTC Thunderbolt vs HTC Titan: Boot Time Comparison Video

At first sight the HTC Thunderbolt and the HTC Titan have no common lineaments and we can’t compare them in any aspect. But going deep into their history we see there is a real basis for bringing these phones face-to-face. I mean one simple thing — the HTC Thunderbolt is the first LTE-enabled device of Verizon Wireless, and the HTC Titan is pioneer in AT&T’s 4G “region.”

This is a good topic of research, but we decided to focus on which handset boots faster. The results were astonishing and though I love Android, this OS yields Windows Phone Mango in terms of booting. Pitifully I admit the Thunderbolt just can’t compete with the Titan at all. I mean the Titan is restarted almost 4 times within the span of time in which the HTC Thunderbolt is restarted once.

We hope not all Android devices boot so slowly, because though it doesn’t affect geeks’ choice when purchasing a smartphone, it always makes us nervous. Well, I have nothing to add, so watch the video below and share your thoughts with us.



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