HTC Thunderbolt on February 14?

When finally HTC Thunderbolt was announced we finally got the idea that the device is not the same as HTC EVO Shift 4G as earlier this was the main guess. Instead it came up not to be a successor of HTC EVO 4G but rather to turn into one of its main competitors. While having an alike case the smartphone sports LTE connectivity which is something long expected of HTC smartphones.

Now most of its features are revealed to the public including all of the exterior and interior details, without leaving a spot for the surprises. But unluckily there is something that is still unknown for us. It’s the release date of the smartphone for the general public.

Each of the source has it’s own guess for the event, but if we follow the info available by a few reliable sources we will turn to the date of February 14. Well, no it’s not that it’s going to come up as a Valentine gift! But instead it’s going to come up on the exact date of the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

Well, if you want to get it a gift to your sweetheart anyways then it’s not going to be a problem unless the company delays the release of the smartphone. Well, if it was me I would not do so, as the public has already  a wide range of devices to choose from and unreasonable delays may cause various types of problems concerning the sales of the smartphone. Cross your fingers!


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