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Just open the latest issue of one of the most influential publications in Europe Connect magazine, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. A large brochure of the company HTC is enclosed in this magazine.


Connect Magazine is very popular in Germany and is sold in all German-speaking (Switzerland, Austria), and several other European countries. The subtitle of the magazine says: “From the nameless company to a desired brand – a success story of HTC”. In the brochure you will find some interesting articles about the new line of HTC smartphones (including HTC Touch, Diamond2, O2 Xda Guide, HTC Touch Cruise and HTC Touch Pro 2) and the history of the corporation.

We have selected the main interesting points of this booklet:

  • This brochure is sponsored by HTC, perhaps not directly, and through advertisements in the magazine. Some articles and statements lightly illustrated, although it sometimes gives only the bare facts
  • Such brochures in the magazine Connect are usually devoted to any technology, services, mobile operators and large companies. So HTC has joined this club of favorites – the company goes together with Samsung and Nokia!

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  • Key points in the article about the formation of HTC:
  1. 2000: Compaq iPAQ-first stand-alone PDA (according to publishers) has been made by HTC!
  2. 2002: O2 XDA and HTC Wallaby-first smartphones based on Windows Mobile
  3. 2005: HTC Wizard is sold in different countries as the T-Mobile MDA Vario, O2 XDA mini 2 and Vodaphone VPA Compact 2 – HTC develops sliding QWERTY-keyboard.
  4. HTC Touch: the first smartphone with Windows Mobile operating system and “finger” touch management.
  5. HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1 is the first communicator on Google Android platform. It seems that HTC intends to bow out with Windows Mobile and receive worldwide fame of “innovator”.


  • In this brochure you will also find an interview with Lars-Christian Vassvange, regional director of HTC in the German-speaking countries. Despite a modest position in the main corporation Vassvange shared rather interesting information with journalists:
  1. Despite the global economic crisis, last year HTC’s sales has increased in both sectors: as a manufacture of parts (i.e., for other companies, without mentioning the brand HTC) and sales under its own brand.
  2. Regarding the development of user interface of HTC Touch FLO response to the slowness of Microsoft, he replied very diplomatically: HTC just wanted to differentiate itself from all other manufacturers, developing corporate interface HTC Touch FLO.
  3. Why HTC decided to use Google Android? Probably HTC does not believe in the existence of an ideal operating system and believes that the various users have different priorities.
  4. HTC will continue to produce phones for Windows Mobile and Google Android platforms.
  5. Will HTC use other operating systems such as Symbian? HTC sees no need to deal with the less advanced operating system from Nokia.

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  • Another interesting information from this brochure:
  1. In 2008, the company HTC sold over 6 million mobile devices under the HTC brand, and other brands of mobile operators.
  2. In this brochure you will also find advertisements HTC Magic, sold in Europe.
  3. Connect magazine publishers affectionately call HTC a “secret Champion”
  4. Turnover of HTC is 3.5 billion dollars; the corporation employs 5000 employees, 25% of which develop new technologies
  5. According to CEO Peter Chou, HTC Company will focus on producing phones with Windows Mobile and Google Android operating systems in the future, entering the Chinese market and the acquisition of other companies

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With the expansion of the Samsung corporation, HTC dominance in the field of Windows Mobile and Google Android can quickly come to an end: Samsung offers customers more advanced technologies (e.g. AMOLED! screen) and user-oriented approach (3,5mm input for headphones, instead of dreadful ExtUSB, which requires even more nightmarish adapter) … However, the future is variable, HTC will be able to stay on top.

The sad truth is that Microsoft lags behind its competitors with the development of Windows Mobile and HTC, probably will have to choose the Google Android.

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