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HTC Store Accepting Pre-Orders for HTC Triumph in China

While Nokia and ZTE were struggling to be the first manufacturers to offer a Windows Phone handset in China, HTC got the lucky ticket. Where two are fighting, the third wins, right? :)

Chinese sources confirm the information. According to, the pre-orders for the HTC Triumph are available. The handsets will be delivered by HTC local store in Beijing. The handset will be the Chinese version of the popular HTC Titan. The HTC store states that the smartphone will be “the First ever Chinese Windows Phone 7.5 device on the planet.”

The smartphone comes with a pretty large 4.7 inch display, Windows Phone and an 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash. The device will be offered at the price of 4, 999 CNY, around $793. You can now buy the smartphone on the black market, but in this case you will have to pay $571. The price sounds appealing, still you will not be able to get the Tango update for your device, which is planned to be available this quarter.

The customizations coming with the WP Tango will make this smartphone a great competitor to upcoming Nokia and ZTE smartphones.


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