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HTC Smartphones will be Upgraded to Android 2.2

Which smartphones will be upgraded to Android 2.2? This question came along before the release of Android 2.2. and it worried not only the owners of  the smartphones, but those who were going to buy a googlephone. Is it worth waiting for an update or better wait for the release of devices with a new operating system?

Android 2.2 will be available to public in a couple of weeks. But it does not cause joy as according to PocketLint resource (with reference to an HTC employee) the smartphones HTC Desire and HTC Legend will be updated only “in the second half of the year”.

“As soon as most of the work is done, we will disclose the complete list of upgraded devices. Now we are working on the update for the European version of HTC Desire, Droid Incredible (USA) and several smartphones, which release is already scheduled”.

The update will most likely affect the smartphones, which were announced at the beginning of 2010. The fate of the previous models is unknown. These include the popular HTC Hero google phone, firmware for which has been expected more than six months. According to the official information, it will be based on Android 2.1, and not the latest version – Froyo as it was expected.

It is interesting what will happen next? Will HTC introduce the firmware with the previous version of the operating system or will it “jump over” to another version (as it happened with Android 2.0) and will please users with upgrade to Android 2.2? Of course, the second variant is more preferable. But only under the condition that it is not going to cause further delay.

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