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HTC Smart – HTC’s first smartphone based on the mobile platform Qualcomm BREW MP- will possibly get a successor as early as this year. HTC Smart2 is going to be without the main disadvantages of the predecessor and will be able to offer users some new features.

Externally HTC Smart2 is not going to be too different from the model of the first generation in display. However the same can be said about the list of specs .The list of innovations will not be too big – the developers will be limited to the addition of Wi-Fi and office applications, which will allow the users to edit documents and spreadsheets.

Officially HTC Smart2 will be presented in coming months, and sales will start later this year. Price will correspond to the budget segment, which is intended for smartphones of the company.

  • Alan

    not interested come on htc compete with the samsung epic. are you bringing out a phone like the samsung epic, I hope so or that phone will have no competion.

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